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LiFePO4 Battery
Li-ion Battery
Ni-Cd Battery
Ni-MH Battery
Energy Solutions
  • Personal Care
    Personal Care

    Rechargeable batteries for personal care products are one of Ronda’s featured products...

  • Lead Acid Battery
    Lead Acid Battery Replacement Solutions

    LiFePO4 batteries replace of Lead acid batteries - THE NEW HORIZON FOR YOUR PRODUCT

  • Emergency Light
    Emergency Light

    Ronda was one of the first battery suppliers in China who launched the range of lithium iron phosphate batteries for emergency lamps in 2012...

  • Solar Street Light
    Led Lights and Solar Street

    Integrated Solar Street Light battery LiFePO4 battery pack lithium rechargeable battery 12.8V 12Ah 153.6Wh Remote control so easy

Accreditations & Certifications
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